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To: Hatchie Coon Hunting and Fishing Club Guests

Subject:  Directions to Hatchie Coon from Memphis, TN

Listed below are the detailed directions to Hatchie Coon.
Hatchie Coon’s gate is approximately 50 minutes from the new bridge.  

1.   Take Interstate 55 North from West Memphis to exit 23, (Hwy 63, Jonesboro, Marked Tree, Trumann) 
2.   Take Highway 63 North  

3.   Continue on Highway 63 North/Future I 555 to the first Trumann exit.  (approx. 23 miles)

4.   Take first Trumann exit.  When you get to stop sign at Highway 463 set your trip odometer.
     Turn left on Highway 463 South and continue for .8 miles to the first road on the left; Tulot Road.
     (note the sign on the right side of Highway 463 which says Oak Donnick Access-St. Francis Lake)

5.   Turn left on Tulot Road and continue until the pavement ends at a concrete bridge.  (be careful at the RR Crossing)

6.   After crossing the concrete bridge the road will turn to gravel, IMMEDIATELY veer left (do  
           NOT take 2nd left) and proceed to the top of the levee.

7.   As soon as you reach the top of the levee, 2.7 miles on your trip odometer, cross over the 
           levee (do not go left or right) and you will see the Hatchie Coon sign on an automatic gate.  
           Gate is only 100 yards from the top of the levee.

8.    The gate is automatic and you will need a code; therefore you will be given one before you 
      arrive.  Proceed through the gate, and please close the gate behind you.  Go over the steel 
      bridge but don’t look down.  You are now on the famous Hatchie Coon Parkway.

9.   Head down the Parkway until you reach the clubhouse. 

Although you will note that the clubhouse is about 1.5 miles from the end of the pavement (and civilization as you know it),
the road is usually in very good condition and passable by all forms of traffic; horses, camels, elephants, Explorers, Mercedes, etc.

If, even after these directions you still get lost, feel free to call the Hatchie Coon manager, Doug Conner.  His cell is (870) 232-4395.
You should leave the manager’s number with your family for emergencies.

See you there.